Welcome to the test webrtc-pstn link.  (sorry, but as a result of the General Election this has been suspended)

This is the Cirrostratus test site for linking browsers that are HTML5 WebRtc capable with the Phone Network.  The link below will allow you to test the link between your browser and the phone network.

It is early days for this particular site and the link has only been tested with Chrome.  It might work with other browsers, but we don't know.

The issue as to how browsers connect through firewalls and the like is also a complicated issue that will take some testing.  However, if you wish to see if it works simply click below.

We have no idea whether it will work for you or not.  We will be putting up a comments section for you to give us feedback.

We are not at the moment concentrating on the User Interface.

Click here for the test Webrtc to Phone page